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“Patsy Rahn’s The Grainy Wet Soul is an intergenerational masterpiece. It lifts aging readers into deep, unabashed longing; it charges middle-age readers to share power for the highest of aims; and it substantiates young readers’ beliefs about the spiritual connectedness they have with animals. The work invites us to (re)experience life’s journey: breathless desire, personal heartache, wide-eyed wonder, and even international tragedy. Because Patsy skillfully presents a balance of joys and pain, readers will finish The Grainy Wet Soul with a new appreciation for the unexpected
wrinkles in life as well as a grounded hope in themselves, the natural world, and even that which remains unknown.“  Julie Marie Frye


Julie Marie Frye, Head Librarian, Education Library,
Indiana University

“Patsy Rahn’s extraordinary poems, intense, lyrical, and precise, guide us from the various darknesses we inhabit into the clear light of self-awareness, a balm for our minds in troubled times.”  Christoph Irmscher.


Christoph Irmscher, author of The Poetics of Natural History and Longfellow Redux.

“Here is a poet who speaks with candor to the heart of the mind, who fearlessly and lyrically dances directly into the unapproachable, true and profound as a heartbeat.”  John O’Keefe


John O’Keefe, playwright, director, performer. Recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award and a Bessie Award. His play Shimmer was made into a motion picture by American Playhouse.

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